Layered Perovskites

Class: Metal Oxide

Related Materials: Perovskite, Prussian Blue, Hoffman Clathrate

Notable Properties: Magnetoresistance, Superconductivity, Ferroelectrics, Catalysis

Crystal Structure of Sr3Fe2O7
Crystal Structure of Sr3Fe2O7


A dimensionally reduced series of perovskite structure types can be predictably synthesized. Ruddleson-Popper phases are identifiable from other layered perovskites by the cationic bilayer separating individual sheets of the lamellar structure. One example, Sr2Fe2O7, typifies the class with nondistorted perovskite layers. A similar structure, Ca4Mn3O10, is also known with tilted octahedra. Both phases display unique magnetic and charge transport properties and are of interest to condensed matter physicists.

Crystal structure of Ca4Mn3O10
Crystal structure of Ca4Mn3O10

Single layer perovskite phases are also known and take the form of a square, 2D lattice of vertex sharing octahedra as in K2NiF4. This particular phase has been shown to support mangons and exotic low-temperature magnetic transitions.

Crystal Structure of K2NiF4
Crystal Structure of K2NiF4

In addition to these layered structures, the Ruddleson-Popper phases can be interconverted with the similarly structured Dion-Jacobson and Aurivilius phases under mild reaction conditions. Methods include ion exchange, or reaction of proton exchanged Ruddleson-Popper phases with BiOCl respectively. Examples of these phases are also shown.


Cava Lab at Princeton

Wikipedia Article

Excellent article on the synthesis of layered perovskites

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