Class: Calcium Titanium Oxide Mineral

Related Structures: Rhenium Oxide, Ruddleson-Popper, Dion-Jacobson,  Aurivilius, Prussian Blue

The parent perovskite calcium titanate
The parent perovskite calcium titanate


Though the term is not in used given the relative rarity of the class, the perovskite class could be classified as a techtotitanate mineral. The parent perovskite has the chemical formula CaTiO4. But the general structure type is ubiquitous and particularly among advanced materials. Prussian blue is closely related to the perovskite structure type as well as (NR4)PbI4 which is presently a stand-out absorber in DSC type solar cells. Similar phases as also of interest as oxide conductors and thermoelectric materials (BaTiO4). The perovskite structure is also a classic example  of a material that can display colossal magnetoresistance, a mesoscale phenomena, by a  double exchange driven mechanism in the mixed valence manganite phase. Spin currents and other spintronic effects have also be observed and applications explored.

In addition to oxide lattices the structure type is also known to form with other anions including cyanide, formate, fluoride (NaMgF3). Even more obscure as a number of phases formed with lanthanides and rare earth elements and metalloids with compositions such as RPd3B, RRh3B, RRu3C… Another obscure example is the superconductor MgCNi3.   

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